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Anti-Ageing Injection

Anti-ageing treatment is the most effective rejuvenating treatment for subtly tackling the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

‘Injectables’ for anti-ageing are increasingly popular in the UK.

Treatment takes around 30 minutes, best results are seen two weeks post treatment and results last 3-6 months. This treatment is used not only to treat current skin issues but also among younger people, to prevent new lines from forming.

This is a quick and pain-free injectable treatment.

A consultation is required prior to treatment and a complimentary top up is included in your two week follow-up appointment. We want to ensure you get the best value out of your treatment and leave feeling absolutely satisfied and feeling your best.

Treatable areas include:

Crow’s feet, frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, lip flip, gummy smile, pebble chin, and downturned mouth.

anti-ageing injection by the nurse of aesthetics in rochester

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox® a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily preventing the contraction of the injected muscles.

Botox® lasts for around 3-4 months depending on the client.

Treatment time is usually around 30 minutes, This includes your consultation and aftercare advice.

Prior to treatment, we will discuss your desired outcome, the risks, side effects and aftercare advice. You will then be given the chance to consider all your options and ask any questions. You then have the option of proceeding with the treatment or you can take some time to think about it and arrange to return at a later date.

Botox® takes 3-5 days to start working and full results will be seen in two weeks where you are then invited back to clinic for a review.

The best time to consider having Botox® is when you begin to notice that your dynamic lines (these are the wrinkles that only appear through expression) appear regardless of expression and form even when you have a neutral expression. Botox® works best at this stage, rather than once you have deeply etched lines, which are more difficult to smooth the appearance of later on. The longer you wait, the more invasive the treatments for wrinkles become.

Areas that anti-wrinkle can treat include:

Forehead lines – lateral line when you raise your eyebrows
Frown lines – the area between the eyebrows
Crow’s feet – the area around the eyes known as smile lines
Bunny lines – on the bridge of the nose
Gummy Smile Gummy Smile is when some people smile, their upper lip elevates far above their upper teeth, exposing the gums. Anti-wrinkle injections in this area can reduce the activity of the muscle and reduce the exposure of the upper gums.
Lip flip –  Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax the upper lip and stop the top lip from disappearing when smiling.
Masseters – The masseter muscles can be injected to reduce teeth clenching or grinding and can also be used to slim the lower face

Whilst this is a very low risk procedure, all risks and possible adverse outcomes are discussed at consultation. Toxin is not permanent, so any undesired side effects wear off after usually 12 weeks.

Unfortunately no as It is still unknown whether Botulinum toxin can spread to a nursing child through breastmilk or impact babies during pregnancy.